2018 Competition Results

We offer programming in Parent and Tot, Acrobatic Arts, Musical Theatre,
Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Royal Academy of Dance Ballet, RAD “Silver Swans” – ballet dance for adults & new, Drop off and Dance
in 2019 at ECA.  

Philosophy:  At OSA we firmly believe that dance is a performance art; the more opportunities a dancer has to perform in front of an audience the better they will become as a performing artist.  All dancers from Pre School to Advanced participate in the year end recital.  All of these dancers will also be featured in the fabulous OSA finale and slideshow.  The OSA finale is  a multi-media all inclusive studio dance that is a real show stopper for the audience and a terrific way to celebrate year end!  For dancers wanting even more performance opportunities we are pleased to offer participation in local dance competitions.   Solo, duet, and trio choreography are also available to intermediate and senior dancers who train 3+ times/week.

2018 Competition Highlights: Congrats to all our OSA dancers!
Courtney S. 1st Place Pre-Comp Sr. Solo + Cash Award
Silhouettes:  Carmen, Hannah, Marisa, Mylan,  Superior,
1st place overall small groups senior pre-comp divions
Carmen:  Anne, Emma, Hannah, Marisa, Mylan
2nd place overall small groups senior pre-comp division
The World Will Know:  Alison, Audrey, Breanna, Erin, Juliana, Katie, Sarah
2nd place overall small groups intermediate pre-comp division
Novice Division Awards
Breanna  5th overall 14 years
Sarah  4th overall 14 yrs
Erin  4th overall 15 yrs
Miya 3rd overall 15yrs
Rowan and Isabel 2nd overall 10 yrs Duo/Trio
Olivia and Isabel 1st overall 10 yrs Duo/Trio
Alison and Juliana 2nd overall 13yrs Duo/Trio
Michelle and Jayden Encompassed 3rd  overall
Pre Competitive Division Awards
Juliana  Sassy, High Excellence 2nd overall 12 yr pre comp
Audrey Build our Machine 3rd Overall 14 yrs
Jayden . Fantasy High Excellence 5th overall 15 yrs
Katie 4th Superior, 4th overall 15 yrs
Courtney Superior 1st overall 15 yrs 1st overall senior solos
Emma  Superior Judges Choice Award, 1st overall 17 yrs

Dance Starz
Courtney  Toy Soldier Gold 2nd overall 15 yrs Pre Comp. Div.                                  Audrey  Build Our Machine High Silver Special Award Costume 2nd overall 14 yrs
Katie  History of Wrong Guys High Silver 3rd overall 15 yrs Pre Comp Div.
Emma  Shelter  Gold 2nd overall 17 yrs Pre Comp Div.
Jayden  Fantasy High Silver 4th Overall 15yrs Pre Comp Div. Com.                          Erin  Pulled NOVICE Silver 5th overall 15 yrs Novice Div.
Carmen dS No Roots NOVICE High Silver 5th overall 17 yrs Novice Div
Victoria & Julia  Clap Snap NOVICE High Silver 3rd overall Novice Divi
ayden&Michelle Encompassed Gold Choreo. Award 2nd overall Novice + cash
Juliana  Sassy  Gold 4th Overall 12yrs Pre Comp Div
Silhouettes: Carmen, Hannah, Marisa, Mylan Uber Gold Special Award for Perform.1st overall highest mark Senior Div for PreComp Small Group cash award

Gravity Dance Challenge
Ainsley and Anne Give Up Gold 85.58% and 3rd place
Jayden & Michelle Encompassed High Gold 90.31% and 1st place
Juliana & Alison What is this FeelingGold 87.85% and 3rd place
Audrey McIntyre Build Our Machine High Gold 90.62% and 3rd place

Dance For Dreams – Session Trophies
Juliana B Sassy Level 2
Carmen dS No Roots Level 2
Victoria K & Julia X Clap Snap Level 1
Isabel L & Olivia L Twist My Hips  Level 1
Jayden Manzara Fantasy  Level 2  scholarship for highest OSA solo score