2018 Dance Competition Season upcoming.  We offer programming in
Pre School Ballet, Parent and Tot, Acrobatic Arts, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet and introducing “Silver Swans” – ballet dance for adults.

Philosophy:  At OSA we firmly believe that dance is a performance art; the more opportunities a dancer has to perform in front of an audience the better they will become as a performing artist.  All dancers from Pre School to Advanced participate in the year end recital.  All of these dancers will also be featured in the fabulous OSA finale and slideshow.  The OSA finale is  a multi-media all inclusive studio dance that is a real show stopper for the audience and a terrific way to celebrate year end!  For dancers wanting even more performance opportunities we are pleased to offer participation in local dance competitions.   Solo, duet, and trio choreography are also available to intermediate and senior dancers who train 3+ times/week.

2017 Highlights:
Peak Invitational
Emma Corson, Level 4 Modern Solo, 1st Place
Invitation to  perform in Peak Showcase
Terpsichore Dance Festival
Allison Carry: 1st place highest score in the entire Pre Comp Division
Emma Corson: 2nd place high score solo Pre Comp 13+
Human:  1st place Senior Div. Small&Large Groups: Allison, Angelica, Brianne, Emma, Hannah, Holly, Jena, Kylie, Macy, Marisa, Mylan and Tyleigh
Rhythm Dance Festival  May  5-8
Emma Corson 3rd  Place  Performance Div. solo
Promise:  Allison C, Tyleigh M-L, Macy Macy Yoon
4th Place Performance Div. solo

2016 Kick it Up Festival:  
Last Call:  Holly B. Alli, Emma, Tyleigh, Delenna, Kylie, Ellery, Macy, Jena –  1st place groups Pre-comp. division inters
First Love:  Tyleigh, Macy, and Alli – 2nd place Overall Pre-Comp Divison Inters
Macy 2nd place solo pre comp Inter
Alli 2nd place solo pre comp Senior
Terpsichore Dance Festival:
Last Call:  Holly B. Alli, Emma, Tyleigh, Delenna, Kylie, Ellery, Macy, Jena –  2nd place groups Pre-comp. division inters
First Love:  Tyleigh, Macy, and Alli – 1st place duo/trio Pre-Comp Divison Inters
Emma 3rd place solo pre comp Inter
Alli 1st place solo pre comp Senior
Rhythm Dance Festival
Kayla 1st place highest score Novice
Alli 1st place soloist Performance
The Last Call 1st place groups
First Love 2nd place overall
Please Mr. Postman:  Ella, Victoria, Liesel, Laura, Neha, Olivia, Julia – 2nd place groups

2015 Kick it Up Festival:  Holding On Lyrical Small Group Pre Competitive Division, Miss Kelsie Choreographer – cash award
Off I Go Contemporary Duet Pre Competitive Division Holly B and Delenna, Miss Allison Choreographer – cash award
2015 Rhythm Festival: Word Crimes, 1st Place Novice Small Group, Ellora, Ashlin, Courtney and Emily B., Miss Kristen Choreographer – cash award
Scholarship for Rhythm Festival:  High Score from One Step Ahead, Allison C. Ballet Solo, Miss Melinda ChoreographerKick it Up Results 2014 – Stellar Year

  1. Danse Boheme:  Caitlin and Emily: Placed in Top Ten from 7000+ entries for Canadian Solos and Duets in Senior Intermediate Duo/Trio Category
  2. Danse Boheme:  Caitlin and Emily 1st Place Senior Division Duo/Trios
  3. Emily:  Senior Division Soloist 1st Place Winner
  4. Caitlin:  Senior Division Soloist 2nd Place Winner
  5. Allison:  Inter Division Soloist 1st Place Winner
  6. Macy:  Junior Division Soloist 2nd Place Winner
  7. Nunsense:  Kat, Holly and Chelsea 2nd Place Duo/Trio Inter Division
  8. Young & Beautiful:   Allison and Macy 3rd Place Duo/Trio Inter Division
  9. Unsustainable:  1st Place Inters Large Group
  10. Wash That Man:  Allison, Emma, Kylie and Macy 2nd Place Inters Small Group
  11. Gravity:  Allison, Delenna, Emily, Emma, Jena, Jolene, Kyra, Macy 3rd Place Inters Small Group


  1. Emma – The Arrival Solo High Gold
  2. Jeepers Creepers – High Silver, 2nd place overall pre competitive large groups small fry division
  3. 7 Nation Army – High Silver
  4. Boom – Gold, Special Award
  5. Discombobulate – Gold
  6. Because We Can – Gold
  7. Cello Song  – Gold, 2nd Plcce, Pre Competitive All Large/Extended groups All Age
  8. Allison – La Petite Cygnette – High Gold
  9. It’s Like That – High Gold, 3rd Place Pre Competitive Duet/Trio All Ages
  10. Little Ladies – High Gold, 1st Place Pre Competitive Duet/Trio All Ages
  11. Macy – Karma Police, 2nd Place Pre Competitive Soloist Junior Age Group
  12. Fables – High Gold, Miss Allison Choreography Award, 1st Place Pre Competitive Small Groups Junior and Intermediate
  13. Santa Maria – Gold & Special Award
  14. Sharine – All of Me, Gold and Special Award
  15. Kristyna & Em – Blue Suede Shoes, High Gold and Rosco Trophy
  16. Emily – A Thousand Year, High Gold
  17. Caitlin and Emily – Contrast, High Gold 2nd Place Competitive Ballet Duet/Trios Intermediate